The purpose of the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club Rescue is to find permanent placements for Boston Terriers in need of homes. Want to help? Please consider being a foster home for our rescued dogs or make a donation.

Foster Homes

Foster homes provide much needed love, care and companionship for Boston's needing new, permanent homes.

NOT SURE YOU'RE READY FOR A PET? How about the next best thing?

The Rescue committee of the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club (MBTC) is offering qualified applicants an opportunity to become a foster home for a rescued Boston Terrier.

Not only will you be helping a pet in need by providing a happy, safe, temporary home, but also the health benefits are outstanding. In fact, pets may help owners live longer, healthy, and more enjoyable lives. Studies have show that when people pet animals, their blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature decrease. Simply getting up to let a dog out a few times a day, or playing fetch, can benefit the cardio vascular system and help keep joints limber and flexible.

Pets are an excellent source of companionship. They act as a support system for adults that don't have any family or close friends nearby. For the sports enthusiast a dog can be a great partner.

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Adoption provides a Boston with a "forever home."

The members of the Minnesota Boston Terrier club (MBTC) wish to thank you for your inquiry into adopting a Boston Terrier from our organization.

We ask all potential "adoptive parents" to complete a questionnaire.

It is very important to us, and we believe to you, to have the best possible match of dog to owner. It should only take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire and mail it back to MBTC.

A $5 processing fee is required with all applications. Incomplete applications and those submitted without the processing fee will not be reviewed.

If you wish to include a photograph of you and your family, you are welcome to do so.

When we receive a Boston Terrier that is an appropriate match, we will contact you. Please keep in mind we have a lot of applications to go through.

It is important you review our policies so you will know what to expect from us and what we will expect from you.

Boston's come to us from many sources; veterinarians, humane societies, private surrenders, friends, family, or other rescue groups. We usually do not get puppies! Most of our rescues are older and may have some medical problems. We do not split dogs that have lived together in the same homes their entire lives.

When we receive a rescue the dog is examined by a veterinarian. All shots are updated and the dog is evaluated to determine if additional veterinary care is needed. If the dog is healthy, and/or treatable, we then place the dog with a foster family and begin our search for a "forever home".

Dogs are kept in foster care for approximately one month to evaluate health and temperament.

The cost of adoption is $150-500 (depending on age and health) plus the cost of micro chipping and registration.

At the time the dog is placed for adoption, the "parents" will need to sign a "contract for companion quality rescue dog". This contract states that the Boston Terrier being adopted is a pure bred, companion quality, rescue dog. The pedigree is not available, and the dog is not eligible with the American Kennel Club. Further details are available at the time of adoption.

We are excited that you are interested in adopting a Boston Terrier. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Barbara Bartholomew, Sharon Bright, or Nancy Price at 651-254-9874 (MBTC phone line) or email MBTC Rescue at

Click here to download an Adoption Application.


Dog is surrendered to MBTC by owner, humane society, animal control or others.

  1. Surrender form is filled out with details of dog's background information.
  2. Aggressive behavior is evaluated.
  3. Vet records are acquired.
  4. The dogs personal items (toys, crate, dishes) are acquired.
  5. Pick up is arranged.
  6. Fee/Donation welcomed.

All rescue dogs are immediately evaluated by our veterinarian.

  1. Shots updated
  2. Neutered/Spayed when appropriate
  3. De-Wormed
  4. Dental Check
  5. General Wellness exam

Rescue dog is placed in foster care while further evaluation is completed.

Ear Cleaning



The purpose of the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club Rescue is to find permanent placements for Boston Terriers in need of homes.

Dogs that have bitten people and/or have severe temperament problems are ineligible for rescue.

We will take back any dog that is unable to stay in its new home for its lifetime.

All rescues from private parties will be kept confidential.

  • The adopter will not be told who gave up the dog for adoption.
  • The person giving the dog up for adoption will not be told who adopts the dog. There will be no direct contact between the two parties.

All prospective adopters will be informed of the dog’s health and/or temperament problems before placement.

  • All known major health problems will be listed on the adoption contract and will be excluded from the health guarantee provided by the contract.

The adoption fee will cover medical expenses.

  • New owners will also reimburse MBTC for the cost of micro chipping and registration of micro chipping of adopted dog.
  • Any money received above the dog’s expenses will go into a fund to cover other rescue expenses.

A rescued dog will be examined by a veterinarian before it is placed in a new home.

  • At that time shots will be updated, necessary health screenings performed, and minor health problems will be treated.
  • All dogs will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

Dogs that have major health problems, severe temperament problems, or are of extreme age may be euthanized.

  • Before any dog is euthanized we will consult with a veterinarian.
  • If possible, all members of the MBTC Rescue Committee and a rescue person from another organization may be consulted before a dog is euthanized.
Current Rescue Dogs

The purpose of the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club Rescue is to find permanent placements for Boston Terriers in need of homes.

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The Minnesota Boston Terrier Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
P.O. Box 7459, Minneapolis, MN 55407
If you have any questions, please call 651-254-9874 or send e-mail to