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In Memory of Lily

Lily passed on August 2, 2019. She was the sweetest girl who brought love and happiness to her family’s life. She will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

In Memory of Don and Mel

“Mel” (AKA Bozo) was the light of Don Nord’s life after his wife died and he was devastated when he lost him on December of 2015. They had almost five years of a wonderful human/canine bond thanks to MBTC rescue.

In Memory of Izzy

(10 Years, Adopted by her forever family on October 10, 2009)

Izzy was the most laid back little dog that you'd ever met, but she knew exactly how to own the room. Izzy came to us from a hoarding situation in Duluth and from that moment our lives and hearts would never be the same. She loved a great car ride, had an affinity for stuffed animals, and could charm anyone within minutes. Our little peanut passed from heart failure as a result of a collapsed trachea on September 10, 2015; just one month shy of her 6 year adoption anniversary. She is greatly missed by her family and we hope she has been reunited with our other lost loved ones. We imagine she is eating all of celery and eggs she wants and has baskets full of stuffed animals to keep her busy. We miss you and love you dearly Iz.

Love, Kristin, Matt, Sophie, Oscar and Murphy, MN

In Memory of Sarge

(13 1/2 years, May 18, 1995 to February 5, 2009)

Sarge came to my home as a foster dog along with Tank in February, 2006. After a few short months, it became clear that he and Tank were going to stay with my little girl, Tula. Being an older dog, many would have reservations about taking the boys in but they brought such joy to our house. They were big brothers to Tula. Sarge was my cuddle bug. Being an old fellow, he wasn’t much into play or toys but he had his sucky bunny! He loved to give hugs and go for walks. Even with advanced heart disease, he enjoyed all outings. He enjoyed travelling in our RV, camping and made it to the ocean for the first time! Sarge was a medical miracle as he had a bad heart, allergies, overweight, and lost an eye but he had such a lust for life! Drugs gave us more time together and he quickly won over hearts. Sarge was in my life for only 3 years and I wouldn’t give up a single day. He passed quietly after liver failure put him in a coma. He was home to the end so Tank and Tula were able to say goodbye. I loved and miss him! Never give up on the old guys – they will truly steal your heart. Every day I got to spend with Sarge was a joy.

Miss you big guy!
Love, Sharon B, MN

In Memory of Tank

(13 years, December 19, 1996 – September 2, 2009)

Tank came to my home as a foster dog along with his Sarge in February, 2006. Tank came with a lot of baggage that made him obsessive/compulsive with severe separation anxiety. Because Sarge was in poor health, I adopted the two of them so Tank would have time to bond to my little girl, Tula before Sarge’s passing. As time went on, Tank learned to adjust but could never be left alone. He was well behaved and learned to adjust to life on the road in my RV. Tank loved Tula and every day he would clean her tummy with her purring away. We discovered that Tank had cancer though we couldn’t find the source. He also developed heart issues but managed well on medication. He went for the next year on pain management and finally succumbed to the pain of the cancer. We miss Tank and his antics. He was very vocal but typical boy – if there was a puddle, Tank was in it. Late in life on a camping trip we discovered that he loved to chase bubbles. Its hard to believe that just a few weeks later we had to put him down. Having him the last 3 years was a great experience and he taught me a lot. It was so hard to lose both my boys this year.

We miss you, Tank, I hope you are with Sarge again.
Love, Sharon B, MN

In Memory of Abigail


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In Memory of Bowser

I met Bowser for the first time at Feist when I picked him up to foster. We looked at each other and I said to Barb, “This is my dog” and he was. He was a GOOD dog and such a gentleman. I miss him fiercely.

Eternally grateful to MBTC,

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